Thursday, May 16, 2013

Notes on Sanskrit

Some notes on Sanskrit. I'm very much a beginner, but I see a lot of similarities with European languages.
"Iskrtir nāma vo mātātho yūyam stha Niskrtīh"
"Your mother (her) name (is) Healer, hence you too are Removers (of illness)."
nāma = name
vo mātā = your mother
yūyam = you
stha (estis) = are (to be)

The letter "n" is present in Greek (poimên, termôn, etc.), and absent in Sanskrit (ātma, rājā, etc.) and in Latin (sermo, homo, etc.).

poimên = shepherd
termôn = place of sanctuary
(Irish: An Tearmann)
ātma = self
rājā = king
sermo = speech
homo = man
"Chariot" in Sanskrit is "ratha", in Latin "rota", Lithuanian "rātas". The German for "wheel" is "rad". And we have "rothar" in Irish (Gaelic) for "bicycle". "roth" is "wheel" in Irish (Gaelic). All related! The connections are there, over such long distances and back many centuries.
Rigveda 8.24.15: nahy àngá purá caná jajñé vīrátaras tvát "a hero stronger than you has not been born."
vīrátara = more manly

Sentence in Sanskrit from the Rigveda 7.71:
ápa svásur uşáso nág jihīte
away sister dawn night departs
"Night departs from her sister dawn."

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