Monday, June 05, 2006

The Book Brokeback Mountain and Other Stories
By Annie Proulx

A nice image from the book:

“His thoughts clogged as if a comb working through his mind had stuck against a snarl.”

And another nice description of a girl daydreaming:

“What was there for Ottaline when the work slacked off? Stare at indigo slants of hail forty miles east, regard the tumbled clouds like merchants’ rags, count out he loves me, he loves me not, in nervous lightning crooked as branchwood through all quarters of the sky.”

A nice spot where she talks about a snow-storm in reverse …

“Thompson, the bar owner, displayed his collection of spurs, coils of rope, worn boots, a couple of saddles, some old woolly chaps so full of moths they looked like snow-storm in reverse in spring, other junk inside the window.”

In another place, she talks about being “wired”, which I think is probably American English for being “tense,” or “wound-up.”

“Around mid-afternoon I’d left them in the calving barn with a bad heifer, gone up to the house to grab an hour of sleep, but I was too tired, way beyond sleep, wired, and after ten minutes I got up and put the coffeepot on, got some cookie dough from the freezer and in a little while there was steaming coffee and hot almond sandies. I put three cups in a cardboard box, the cookies in an insulated sack, and went back out to the calving barn.”
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