Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some words in the Hindi language.

basmati = queen of fragrance
garam = temperature hot
thikhat = spicy hot
rasa = taste
Rani = queen
Chhana = cheese
amrit = nectar of the Gods
shakti and buddhi = strength and wisdom
“Jyacha haat modla to tyachaach galyaat padla.” A Marathii saying meaning: One who brakes his arm must carry it in a sling.

raat ki rani = queen of the night
mohalla = neighbourhood
guli-danda = cricket
Namaste = Hello for Hindus
Walaikum as-salaam = Peace be with you.
firangi = a Westerner
As a Punjabi saying goes, Wakt noon hath naen phar-da. There is no hand to catch time.
“Aadar aye, dilather jaye!” May honour come and poverty vanish.
“Aaye basant, paala udant.” Warm weather comes, cold weather flies away.
Lahori festivals: Basant, Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.

Tumare nām kya hai? = What’s your name?
Mera nām Ram hai = My name is Ram
Bahout acha = perfect
Phir milenge = ? bye
Mandir = temple - I wonder is mandir sanskrit. It is very like Munster and and monastery in English and German and mainistir in Gaelic (Irish), which means monastery - all religious places.

Tum kahein ho? = Where were you?
kahein = where
Tum ka nahin dekha. = I did’nt see you.
ka = you
nahin = didn’t
dekha = see
Subh Raatri = Good night
Subh = good
Raatri = night

Shubh Diwali = Happy Diwali, Happy Deepavali
Dee = light
pavali = row
row of lights

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