Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Inorganic corporate slave

I’m a techie, a linguist, a Guru, a geek,
I’m an inorganic corporate slave,
From Sanskrit to Latin from Urdu to Greek,
I’ll talk to you on every plane.

I’m a virus, a Trojan, a drone and a freak,
I’m online, I’m offline,
I post once a week,
I’m everything you ever craved.

I’m an avatar inside you,
I’m inside your head,
On the plane of reality,
I’m willing to transmit.

I’m neural, I’m viral, I’m visceral, I’m sleek,
I’m a voice on the cosmic waves,
I’m a signal from heaven,
I’m a roar from the deep.
I’m a blip on your hyper plane.

I’m an algorithm, your customer,
Your master, your drone,
I provide you everything you need,
From service, to feedback,
From data to tweets,
I encourage your compliance,
To stay on the trajectory of growth.

Written by Martin Forrestal, July 2013

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